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The popularity of Bootstrap framework contributes to the popularity of Bootstrap admin template. With Bootstrap it is very easy to create responsive, highly customizable, attractive admin templates. There are a plenty of admin templates available that provide multiple functionalities that would be needed for a back-end application. There are free and premium admin template available on the internet, with some free admin templates as good as the premium ones.

Admin templates undoubtedly save a lot of time and money, possibly thousands of dollars, when developing the back-end of a web application. You don’t need to start coding from scratch, and you wouldn’t need to worry if you are not a good designer and you can’t hire a designer. Most of the work for the user interface for your web application has been done. All you need to do is to select a template that is most suitable for your design, download it and then incorporate it into your project. If you are new to Bootstrap admin templates read Understanding bootstrap admin templates.

Below are some of the beautifully designed admin templates based on Bootstrap 4 that are completely free.

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Star Admin

Free Star Admin Template

Star Admin is free Bootstrap 4 admin template from BootstrapDash. Fully, responsive and highly customizable, this admin template is classy and distinct. It has very elegant and clean flat design. With the use of very soft colors, the design is colorful and a treat to the eyes.

Not just the design, It has almost every component that is needed for a good project. Buttons, forms, tables, charts, icons, sample pages etc. It is an ideal template for start building admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems etc. right away.

Star admin is an easily customizable template with clean and well-commented code.


Purple Admin

Purple free admin template

Purple is an amazing admin template with very well designed interface implemented through a very well written code. Purple has a very modern design with neatly designed components. The design uses a mix of colors with gradients that make it one of a kind.

The template comes with all the basic components needed in an admin template. It has got a powerful admin dashboard, basic UI elements including various types of buttons and template typography, icons, using Font Awesome, form elements to create beautiful elements. The charts using Chart.js and responsive Bootstrap tables can be used for data representation and organization. There are 5 sample HTML templates including a blank page, login page, register, 404 and 500 error pages.



Stellar free Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard

Stellar admin dashboard is a free dashboard based on Bootstrap 4. Stellar is a multipurpose admin dashboard that can be used for any type of web application. It can be used to create a very professional admin panel for the backend of any website or web application. The dashboard template can be used to give you insights of all the data of your website using its various data representation and data visualization techniques.

Stellar is an amazing dashboard with neatly designed components that are realized by well-structured, systematically organized and well-commented code. This makes it very easy to work with the template and customize to make it look the way you want.

Stellar admin dashboard includes everything that you can ask for in a free admin dashboard. It has got a general purpose admin dashboard, widgets, basic UI elements, tables, icons, form elements, charts, and sample pages.


Able Pro Lite

Able Pro Lite is an attractive and interactive admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The template has a very beautiful design with amazingly designed widgets and other UI components. The template has Google’s Material design. Its big typography and good use of white space make the template user-friendly. The use of bright colors makes the template fun without losing its professional look.

The features of the template include a stunning dashboard, a good collection of charts and maps, form elements, tables, and pre-built pages that comprises of four authentication pages, lock screen, a sample page, and a search result. It also includes a multi-level menu up to 4 levels.


SB Admin

SB Admin Dashboard - free Bootstrap 4 admin template

SB Admin is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template from Start Bootstrap. The template comes with 3 custom panel colors – red, yellow and green. It is responsive and comes with good features including the basic Bootstrap components, charts, widgets etc. Start Bootstrap provides support for issues through their help page. Also, there is a helpful discussion in the comment section on the website.


 Core UI

Core UI Admin Dashboard - free Bootstrap 4 admin template

Core UI is a free admin template built on top of Bootstrap 4 and it is fully responsive. It is built to support the most popular frameworks and libraries like Angular2, AngularJS, React.js, and Vue.js. An extensive documentation is provided on the website which has anything and everything about the components, technologies, code etc. that you need to know while setting up your admin panel. If there’s an issue in the template you can raise the issue through GitHub.


Modular Admin

Bootstrap Zero Admin Dashboard - free Bootstrap 4 admin template

Modular Admin is a neat, simple and elegant admin template built on top of Bootstrap 4. It is fully responsive and can be easily customized. It comes in 6 skin colors and you can choose the header, footer, and sidebar to fixed or static with respect to the dashboard. Browser support for the admin template includes Chrome, IE 10+, iOS Safari 7+, and last two versions of Firefox. Well written description of how to use the template has been given in the documentation to help you get started with your project without much delay.


Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Boostrapious free bootstrap 4 admin dashboard

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard from Bootstrapious is a free responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The template has a very simple interface with flat design. The design has 6 different color variants to choose from. The template has 6 HTML pages including a login page, forms, charts, and tables.


Pike Admin

Pike admin is a fast lightweight admin template based on Bootstrap 4. Pike is a free admin template and has everything you can ask for in a free template. The template has charts based on Chart.js. Responsive tables based on Bootstrap and extended using Data Tables plugins, you help you organize your data. There are a lot of components included in the User Interface including alerts, buttons, cards, carousel, collapse, icons, modals, tooltips, and popovers. Many third-party plugins have been included in the template to extend the functionalities of Bootstrap 4 and make it a more powerful admin template. The template is compatible with most of the modern browsers.


 Vali Admin

Vali Admin is free admin template built with SASS, PUG.js, and the latest version of Bootstrap. The template has a minimalist design with more emphasis on the functionalities. It has got an amazing admin dashboard and powerful Bootstrap components. These components are also extended using many third-party plugins. Apart from a great collection of basic UI elements like charts, forms, tables, Bootstrap elements, Icons, etc. the template has very well designed page templates which includes a blank page, log in, lock-screen, user page, invoice page, calendar, a mailbox, and an error page.


Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Bootstrap Zero Admin Dashboard - free Bootstrap 4 admin template

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard is a responsive admin template designed at Codeply. It has the basic Bootstrap components and easily customizable.


Monster Admin Lite

Monster Admin Lite is a free admin template built with Bootstrap 4 and designed with Google’s material design. The template has a light theme with the minimal use of colors and good use of white space. The template has been customized to override the default bootstrap styles.

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Monster Admin Lite is responsive admin template that looks good on devices of any screen size thus improving the usability of the admin template. The features of the template include the dashboard, a profile page, basic table, icons using Font Awesome, Google map, a blank page and an error page.


Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template by Medialoot is a free responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The template comes in 5 different theme colors and has bold typography and large-sized elements that stand out.

The template has many features like widgets, charts, buttons, forms, tables, cards, icons and 2 pre-built pages.


BootstrapDash believes in providing the best, efficient and quality free and premium  bootstrap admin template to get your web application up and running easily and quickly. Visit our website to get to know more about our products. Want to create a stunning website of your own? Start learning

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